The LNL API is a simple REST API which can be used to connect apps and services with the LNL Database (LNLDB). This guide provides an overview of the API and its authentication methods.

Getting Started

The LNL API can be accessed through standard HTTP requests and will return JSON metadata. To access protected information, your application will be required to authenticate with the LNLDB first. The API is currently configured to respond to the following HTTP Methods:

Method Action
GET Retrieves a specified resource
POST Sends information to the database
OPTIONS Provides communication options for the endpoint


If attempting to communicate with the API through methods such as ajax, note that by default, CORS prohibits cross-origin requests. You may need to register your application with the API before using such methods. Contact lnl-w@wpi.edu for assistance.

API Reference

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While most of our endpoints are public, some do require authentication. Check out our Authentication guide for more information.