Updates 2020


This month we removed support for WPI’s Central Authentication Service (CAS). Users no longer have the ability to sign in using CAS.


For the first time in a long time (possibly ever), we were able to get our test coverage above 90%! We also deprecated the old workorder wizard.


We deployed a lot of new code in August! Here’s an overview of what changed:

  • @d3e6d90 Improved support for python 3 throughout
  • @dfb6d82 The Vice President now has the ability to send an email to the club poking for crew chiefs
  • @ab73196 Started building support for third-party extensions and 2FA
  • @d52535f Updated the API to support token-based authentication
  • @0ef4164 Launched the Event and Crew Member API endpoints
  • @e1574ea Made the old inventory system read-only; we now use Snipe for inventory tracking and management
  • Implemented new contact tracing features to support safe operations during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Deployed the initial version (1.0.2) of the MDM
  • Various other bug fixes and minor UI improvements


In June we kicked off a couple major projects. The first was the start of preparations towards dropping support for python 2 as it had reached End of Life in January. We also began working on a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform for the LNL MacBooks, which will save the Webmaster countless hours managing them.

  • Started writing unit tests for the vast amounts of untested code
  • @13f91d9 Launched a new system for creating static pages quickly and conveniently using styles consistent with the new design for the static site
  • @b0b035f Officers can now upload headshots to their profiles for display on our about page
  • Began working on the new MDM platform


In May we switched over to HTTPS and added Microsoft SSO as a login option. WPI community members can now log into the LNL Database using their WPI Microsoft accounts with no further action required.


In April, we added the ability to manage listings for workshops. This replaced the previous version of the workshops page which was just a static webpage.


Here’s a general overview of some of the changes we made back in March.

  • @242117e Added the ability to send SMS text messages to LNL members (requires opt-in)
  • @d0e548b Include the cost of extras when calculating discounts
  • @979ce25 Launched a new REST API
  • @a07bbf6 Officers can now list their office hours on their profiles
  • Various other bug fixes and UI improvements

The new REST API provides access to some of the more popular portions of our database. You can find the API documentation here (login required).


Here’s a highlight of some of the new features we deployed back in February.

  • @77fe096 Update Admin Site UI with LNL branding
  • @7db6ce9 Add away status expiration dates
  • @b7feba3 Projectionists can now request PITs through the LNL database


For updates prior to February 2020, we recommend taking a look at the project on Github.