Updates 2021


This month we introduced the initial version of the RT integration for the LNLDB. Users can now submit TFed tickets from our error page.


This month our main focus was on smaller features, UI improvements, and bug fixes. We also finally completed the transition to Workday for billing. The old Banner funds are now no longer supported.

  • dba1d50 Fixed a bug where event attachments were not being linked to the selected services
  • 1441bb7 Deprecated Banner funds (completes the transition to Workday for billing)
  • aa22a4b Officers can now specify a location for their office hours
  • 9dccb7c Updated our email template to include links to our Instagram and YouTube accounts
  • efab3e9 Added calendar invites to meeting notice emails
  • cf5843d Fixed a bug where the date was sometimes incorrect in the heading of meeting notice emails
  • 7d8c20c Updated welcome email (Upper Perreault Hall is now spelled correctly)


We finally launched our User Guides! They are now available here. Other than that, our focus this month was on bug fixes and other long-awaited improvements.

  • b1e84e8 Obtain member Student IDs automatically
  • 816a5bd Made Snipe accessible to active members


In April we began chipping away at a long list of small bug fixes and UI improvements requested by our users. We also began laying the groundwork for our new Slack integration (coming soon)!

  • 89fea1a Allow crew chiefs to view post-event survey results
  • 072ce30 Fixed a bug in the formatting of PDF invoices and quotes
  • ab29ef5 Removed the old fund field from the client request form
  • 846ba14 Corrected a few errors that prevented the Snipe Checkin/Checkout tools from accessing the API


This month we launched our new onboarding system. Aside from that we fixed a few bugs and carried out some small improvements to the UI.

  • 24a0646 Added an unsubscribe link to some of our automated emails
  • a31275a Fixed a bug where HTML tags were visible in PIT request emails
  • 88b1e75 Fixed a bug that occurred on the lnl.wpi.edu/me page when a user was not logged in
  • a51d990 Fixed a bug affecting the layout of the meeting email form
  • 44ab3c3 Added a more user friendly login failed page for Microsoft SSO


In February we dropped support for python 2 and began updating these docs. Our docs now have a new theme and include significantly more helpful information!

  • 79e40f1 Dropped support for python 2 and added support for Django 2.2 or later
  • 5d0e106 Added a complete button for PIT requests
  • 4f983c4 Added outlook invites to crew chief add notifications
  • 74056d7 Fixed a timezone bug in the new poke for crew chief feature
  • c0786f6 Added a button in the laptops list for requesting managed software