Updates 2022


This month brought a roll-up of updates from over the summer.

  • @02543fd Spotify integration
  • @2549976 Fix autocomplete for “Add new row”
  • @0681c6a Place sensible bounds on class year (no less than 1962, no more than $CURRENT_YEAR + 6)


This month brought in more bug fixes and minor improvements. We also started taking some initial steps toward a more modern UI for the LNLDB with a new login page.


We kicked off the new year in a big way! Several long-awaited bug fixes and UI improvements were finally introduced this month, including a redesigned bulk checkin and checkout feature for rentals. We also introduced the ability to automatically send calendar invites for meetings (if users choose to opt in).

  • @9b656ed File added notifications now work with the Ignore my actions setting
  • @8c7fdd6 Poke for CC messages now include the officer’s title rather than defaulting to VP
  • @77d4600 Fixes an issue where bcc on calendar invite emails was working incorrectly (#598)
  • @a656a6f RT tickets submitted through the LNLDB now include a user’s full name
  • @89f3d31 Fixed a timezone bug found in calendar invites
  • @2a0ac4b Corrected the sort order of several event listings
  • @2670226 Redesigned Snipe checkin and checkout for better error handling
  • @b2888c5 Added automated calendar invites for meetings (opt-in required)
  • @2d4754a New permission denied page with the option to submit a ticket
  • @25266a2 Completed the API token request endpoint
  • @49121da Send Slack notification when submitting RT tickets through the LNLDB
  • @9c19517 Added the ability for the Slack app to automatically join new public channels